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Storage tanks and containers

Capacity: from 1 м3 up to 100 м3

Horizontal one-wall, two-wall, ground-level, underground tanks, with flat, conic or elliptic bottom are designated for acceptance, storage and supply of oil products and water pollutants. Storage tanks are fit for use in the temperature range from +50 °С to -40 °С.

Upon the customer’s will, tanks and cisterns can be completed with support blocks, lodgments, drain and filler pipes, maintenance shafts, servicing platforms, ladders and etc.

Underground tanks

Single and double-walled underground tanks with waterproofing using bitumen-polymeric roll materials.

Ground tanks

Single and double-walled ground tanks.

Vessels and tanks for special purposes

Tanks and vessels for special purposes designed for use with excess pressure of 0.6 MPa.

Vessels and tanks for chemical industry

Equipment of stainless steel specially designed for chemical industry.

Equipment for food industry

Stainless steel equipment for food industry.

Services We cared for all the auxiliary services for you


We provide a necessary set of documents for legalization of a gas filling station.


We perform works for installation, connection and start-up of a gas filling complex.


We perform design works for "cold" GFS (modular gas filling stations)

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