Order Sheet

Choose products type

Choose the model

The level of automation

Oil products types

It is possible to select no more than 4 tanks with the total capacity no more than 40 m3

for KM simultaneous selection of no more than two types of fuel with the total capacity no more than 20 m3

It was selected 0 tank with the total capacity - 0 m3 total volume should not exceed m2 calculated on the basis of your choice

Location and number of delivery points

Location of tanks filling system

Walls number

Access to the Internet?

Fuel delivery system

Method of payment

Vehicle Identification System

Filling Station Dispenser

Self-service terminal

FSD compartment

Special software for fuel delivery remote control

Level meter (type)

Process equipment

Device for oil products loading into tank trucks

Climatic operating conditions

Type of annular space filling

Method of CFS delivery to the designation point

With a total volume more than 40 m 3standard size is exceeded, only possible the autotransportation

Complex design

Site construction

Documentation on site

Maintenance services

Additional features and elements





Type of instalation


Storage type

Transportation type


Type of bottom

Number of walls

Number of compartments

Number of necks

Process equipment

External coating:

Type of annular space filling




Climatic operating conditions

Operating pressure

Select the value within the range from 0 to 2 MPa

Guaranteed service life

Additional features and elements