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Container refilling station is an integrated prefabricated article intended for the acceptance, storage, and delivery of a number of fuel types for the commercial and non-commercial (in-house) purposes, and it is capable of accepting cash payments and handling bank as well as corporative fuel cards.

Advantages of the product are low investment expenditures, small footprint areas, minimum operating costs, and simplicity of shipment.

There is no need to build operator’s room, laying of communications, water supply, sewerage, and heat supply when installing refilling station, and this lowers to a great extent both capital investments and operating costs. A small area is needed for the organization of the container refilling station functioning, that will allow to install filling stations fuelling vehicles at limited areas, at vehicle companies, departmental garages, building sites, and within the settlements where appropriate ground for the refilling station cannot be rendered and land rent is very high.

Container refilling stations can be manufactured for handling one, two, or three fuel types and be completed with double-walled tank, tank refilling system, fuel delivery system equipped with dispenser, forced ventilation system, fuel filters, tank level control system, CCTV system equipped with alarm, explosion-proof lighting, autonomous power supply system, and payment terminals.

Container GFS - KM

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Container GFS - K0

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Container GFS - К1

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Container GFS - K2

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Container GFS - K4

More Configurator
Presentation for Container-type Fuel Filling Station of our own make

Advantages for business

У 10 разів менші капітальні витрати

До 20 разів менші операційні витрати

Простота встановлення та обслуговування

Багаторівнева система безпеки

Високий рівень автоматизації

Services We cared for all the auxiliary services for you


We provide a necessary set of documents for legalization of a gas filling station.


We perform works for installation, connection and start-up of a gas filling complex.


We perform design works for "cold" GFS (modular gas filling stations)

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